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Campers are not allowed to have a cell phone in their possession in camp. If they require a phone for travel to camp please notify camp and the phone must be handed in when your child arrives in camp.

Campers will have the opportunity to make phone calls using camp phones at a designated time each week. If a cell phone is found in a camper’s possession it will be confiscated and not given back under any circumstance. Please spare us from this uncomfortable situation and do not send them in the first place.


During the school year, home and school play a most vital role in the Chinuch of our daughters. During the summer, sleep-away camp must take the place of both the home and school.

Camp Emunah is proud of its high standards of Tznius which we expect every girl to follow in dress and behavior. Every camper and staff member is asked to carefully review the information below and to be sure that all clothing brought to camp is in compliance with the following:

  1. Skirts and dresses must cover the knees at all times; while standing, sitting, walking or playing sports. Skirts must generously cover the knees.

  2. Sleeves must cover the elbows AT ALL TIMES; wide sleeves are unacceptable. Only ¾ sleeves that are generously covering the elbow and are tight enough not to ride up when hands are raised may be worn.

  3. All blouses and tops must be long enough so that when one’s arms are raised their entire body remains completely covered.

  4. Necklines must cover the collarbone, using safety pins to close open neck shirts is unacceptable.

  5. The wearing of leggings is highly discouraged. If you are wearing leggings only crew or higher socks may be worn. crew socks may NEVER be work without leggings.

  6. Absolutely no bobby, tube or slouch socks are to be worn. If one prefers to wear socks, they must be at least knee high.

  7. Skirts or dresses may not have a slit of any length. Slits including the front button down type must be completely sewn down.

  8. Straight skirts that are tight fitting or wrap around skirts that are not completely sewn down are unacceptable.

  9. Tee shirts with inappropriate slogans or messages are unacceptable.

  10. Two-piece bathing suits and/or Tankini’s are not permitted.

  11. Nail polish and makeup are unacceptable for campers’ use.

  12. Proper Shabbos clothing and footwear truly enhances our Shabbosim. Please be sure to bring only clothes and shoes that are completely tznius and dignify the Shabbos.

  13. Books, magazines and music of a general nature are not permitted in camp.

  14. During mealtimes, no one is allowed into the dining room dressed in a robe.

  15. Sleepwear must be according to the rules of Tznius, and pajama pants will only be allowed with a long length shirt over them.

  16. No cell phones, I-pods, and MP3 players permitted, if found in camper’s possession, they will be confiscated and not returned.

Camp reserves the right to take away any article that is not in compliance with the above rules. It will be the camp’s decision whether or not to return the confiscated item at the end of the summer.


In the merit of all our campers in Camp Emunah who strive to achieve and accomplish what every Bas Chabad can epitomize through dress, speech and action. May we be Zocheh to be reunited with our Rebbe once again NOW!!!


Camp  Emunah  has  a  strictly  enforced  “zero  tolerance”  policy  when  it  comes  to  graffiti  or  any  other form of vandalism to camp property.

Campers  who  will  be  found  defacing or damaging any of camp’s property will automatically charged $100 on the family c.c. as well as be held responsible to repair/ replace whatever was damaged (when applicable).




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