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Welcome to Emunah

Where Chassidishkeit comes alive!

Registration opens in...

The Emunah Camps

Camp Emunah is proud to offer programs for children of all ages.

Camp Emunah was established in 1953 by Rabbi Yaakov Yehuda Hecht OB”M,
along with his wife Rebbitzen Chave Hecht OB"M who served as the director
from its inception for close to 70 years.

Camp Emunah alumnus spans the entire globe as leaders in
the Chabad Lubavitch movement inspiring a new generation of Jewish activity.


Jr Division

3rd 4th & 5th


Pre Teen Divison

6th & 7th


Teen Divison

8th & 9th

10th grade 2.jpg

Traveling Shluchos Program

10th Grade


Waitress Program

10th Grade


Sunshine Circle

Special Needs Inclusion 

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