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Welcome to BJJ!

Back to the 80s

Hachana Lshabbos

Gimmul Tammuz Banquet

Ohel Trip 

4th of July

BJJ Olympics

Color Day

Yom Tov Day
Winter Wonderland
8th Grade Shluchos Trip 
9th Grade Shluchos Trip
Belz Machanayim
Shtetl Day
VIP Machanayim
Shiv Asar Btaamuz & Breakfast
Color War
Beach Day
Hudson Cruise
Monopoly Day & Chayolei Trip 

Welcome BJJ 2nd Session

International Day!


Twin Day! 

Motzei Shabbos! 

Army Day!


Wacky Water Day! 

Topsey Turvey Day! 

Shtetel Day! 

Liberty Heights! 

Ice Cream and Machanayim!

8th Grade Shluchos Trip!

9th Grade Shluchos Trip!

Kulalam, Legacy Lives Event & More!

Color War! 

80's Day Skating! 

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